Happy Memorial Day! Our branches will be closed Saturday, May 25.

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Direct Deposit

We love to see you, but why drive to ViaCU to deposit paychecks, pension checks and government checks?

Have the funds put directly into your account. To get your deposit from your employer set up, simply complete the Direct Deposit Form. Please provide ViaCU's routing number [274975152] and your account number to the Federal agency that pays your benefits to set up direct deposits.

Your account number can be found on your Membership Card or is the ten digit number found at the bottom of your checks.  There should not be any share IDs, dashes, symbols or letters in your account number.  When prompted, you may specify if you'd like funds deposited into checking or savings account.

ViaCU Account Numbers

Once direct deposit is set up, contact ViaCU to set up your funds distribution. An example of automatic distribution is setting up your weekly payroll so $100 is deposited to Membership Share, $25 to Christmas Club, $25 to College and the rest to Checking. The possibilities are endless with Secondary Shares, which allows you to maintain multiple balances under one account and to name the account to fit your needs.