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ViaSavingsCoins and Piggy

Think of the ViaSavings accounts as piggy banks with advanced degrees in economics.


ViaMembership Shares

When you open an account with us, you become a member-owner. You might be interested to know that your new account comes with some interesting perks. A few of the things you can expect with your ViaMembership Shares account are:

  • No fee with a $50 minimum balance - saves you a $3 monthly access fee!
  • Dividends paid on a daily basis (posted quarterly) - that'll make your day for sure.
  • No penalties for withdrawals - well, it is your money!
  • Secondary shares - Make saving easier by maintaining multiple balances under a single account number. Perfect for budgeting for taxes, vacation, college or that little red sports car you've had your eye on.
  • Christmas club1 - you will be of good cheer when the holidays hit and you're flush with Christmas greenery! Recurring deposits are not required, but direct deposit is available! Funds are electronically transferred or a check is mailed in early November each year. Giving you plenty of time to get your shopping done. 

Savings Rates



Members 12 and under 

CU Save Teen Club

Members 13 to 17

CU Seniors

Members 55 and older


1 Dividends are paid daily and posted quarterly. No penalty for early withdrawal. Funds are automatically transferred into your ViaChecking account, or mailed if the balance is $100 or more.


ViaMoney Market Account

If you're looking for high rates of return, full liquidity, and no withdrawal restrictions your search is likely over. All our ViaMoney Market shares offer these great features and quite a few more.

  • Variable Money Market rates - Our competitive rates should rate us pretty high on your list.
  • Dividends compounded monthly - They're also posted monthly so you can watch your balance grow.
  • Withdrawal at anytime without dividend loss - It's your money. Take it when you need it.
  • Unlimited deposits accepted at anytime - Go ahead, make a deposit every day.
  • Check writing privileges - Clear a maximum of three (3) checks a month.
  • Higher rates on balances over $2,000 - Save more, earn more.
  • ViaPremier Money Market shares2 - Earn a premium rate of return on balances of $100,000 or more.
 2 If daily balance dips below $100,000, the current ViaMembership Shares account rate applies.

Coverdell Education Savings Account

Allows families greater flexibility when saving for college tuition and other related expenses. You can put aside up to $2,000/year/child. Plus, contributions can be made by anyone and earnings are tax-free if used for educational expenses. Best of all, funds can be transferred between children.3 

3 For earnings to be tax-free, funds must be used for educational purposes by age 30. Yearly maximum per child $2,000 deposit applies to children under 18 years of age. A 10% penalty applies to non-educational use. Contributions are not tax-deductible, but earnings are. Deposits can be made up to April 15th for the previous calendar year.



A wide range of terms, minimum deposit amounts and some of the most competitive rates in the area make any of our ViaCertificates the perfect choice for saving when liquidity is not an issue.

  • Terms from 3 to 71 months - you pick the time, you know the place. Just remember that a penalty is imposed if principle is withdrawn prior to maturity.
  • Low minimum deposit amounts - $500 is all you need to open a certificate.
  • A 10-day grace period after renewal for redemption without penalty - we understand that sometimes things change.
  • Dividends compounded and paid monthly - think of our ViaCertificates as your personal monthly money-making machines.

ViaStart Up Certificate 4

The ViaStart Up Certificate allows you to start growing your savings with just $10. Making weekly deposits from your paycheck can develop a great savings habit and you'll see your money grow in just 12 months.

  • 12 month term - money can add up quickly in just one year.
  • $10 minimum to open - start with a little, end with a heap.
  • Monthly deposits required - deposit as little as $5 each month. Set up direct deposit so your money is deposited automatically.
  • Funds transfer to Membership Shares at maturity - surprise, you have money!
  • Dividends compounded and paid monthly - it's a money-making machine.  

4 ViaStart Up Certificate earns the same rate as standard 12-month certificate. Monthly deposits are required. Early withdrawal will result in a penalty of 60 days dividends on balance withdrawn, whether earned or not, remaining balance will transfer to membership shares and certificate will be closed. Penalty also applies if required monthly deposits are not met. Minimum balance: $10; maximum balance: $1,200.



Are you looking forward to retirement? Really looking forward? Then we don't have to tell you, an Individual Retirement Account is a safe, smart way to invest. Which, in turn, helps you enjoy your retirement more. Which gives you something to look forward to. Which brings us back around full circle.

We offer two ViaIRAs designed to take advantage of tax regulations to help you keep more of your money: Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs.

  • Traditional IRA - Contributions are tax-deductible in the year they are made. Taxes on interest earned are deferred until funds are withdrawn.5
  • Roth IRA - All contributions are post-tax and growth may be tax-free. Withdrawals are tax and penalty free.6 

ira comparison

5 Traditional IRA tax deductibility depends on active participation in a qualified retirement plan and/or taxable income.

6 Roth IRA accounts are tax and penalty-free if opened for at least five (5) years and funds are used by someone 59.5 years old, disabled or for the purpose of a first-home purchase. Contributions not allowed if earned income is greater than $153,000 (single) or $228,000 (married, filing jointly) in 2023. Deposits can be made up to April 15th for the previous year.


ViaHSA 7

Our Health Savings Account is designed to help you cover qualified health insurance deductibles and expenses on a tax-advantaged basis. It works like a checking account, when qualified expenses arise, just pay with funds from your ViaHSA. At ViaCU, we believe in keeping your bottom line every bit as healthy as your body.

ViaCU makes it easy to access your HSA funds.

  • HSA checking account - offers a Mastercard® debit card and/or checks
  • HSA saving account - earn competitive dividend rates while still having access to your funds at anytime.
  • HSA certificates - terms ranging from 3 to 71 months

7 Check with your employer's health plan administrator to see if you are eligible for a ViaHSA account.